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KHANATE (No Joy) 12"

One of the most anticipated releases in recent times -at least for me- must be the upcoming 2nd KHANATE album. To shorten the wait, KHANATE released this 12" on LOAD Records, featuring one completely new song, as well as a remix of "No Joy", known from their debut, of course. First up, I think that it's long overdue to hear that song finally on vinyl, as it wasn't included on the actual LP version, for whatever reasons. Here we have a remix, done by sound prodigy and KHANATE bassist James Plotkin, which is not too far from the original. A few effects added here, a couple of levels changed there, I'd say, but done in a convincing way. It's still my favourite song by these sickos, creating an atmosphere, which is exhaustingly disturbing and literally breathtaking, defining a standard, that has yet to be matched by another band (especially nowadays...).

It's also the tune, which -due to it's impenetrable bleakness- reminds me the most of the cult legends SWANS legacy, a name quite frequently used to describe the unique madness surrounding KHANATE. The B-side consists of a brand-new track called "Dead" ( how appropriate...), which is also to be found on the forthcoming second full-length album "Things Viral". "Dead" is a ten minute crusher, featuring all the peculiar KHANATE trademarks, without recreating the formula too obvious. Very slow riffs and rhythms (if any) played in a totally twisted and fucked up manner, combined with nervewrecking singing, brilliantly executed by insane Alan Dubin, whereas he sounds a little more desperate now, instead of pissed off, compared to the debut. Lyrically it's also in the same vein, meaning short and inconvenient yet effective prose, that scares the shit out of you. Another great release by an outstanding band!!