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KARMA TO BURN (Almost Heathen) CD

The Riff-Rock machine rolls again with ten new songs and this is their strongest and best release. Again, there's no singer in the line-up and so everything is focused on the powerfull and sometimes heavy sludgy riffs. Due to the fact, that KTB are an instrumental band, they stick out of the pool of typical Riff-Rock bands. That's one of the reason, why I never was a friend of the debut, because it sounds like one of those "Kyuss-meets-Alice-In-Chains" bands, only a little bit more morbid.

The second one was much better, but there was a lack of remarkable songs, but with "Almost Heathen" they are on an absolut good way. A small Southern Rock vibe was added to a few songs and the songs are catchy and full of energetic grooves. And this album grows with every listening. At least I like to mention the beautiful booklet. Maybe one of the best cover-artworks of 2001. It's devilish! Check out this strange band, and if you're in a record-store I give you the advice to get a hold of "Almost Heathen". Just listen to tracks like "38", "34" or "39" and you know what I'm writing about.