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JUMBO'S KILLCRANE (Il Cadavers Eccellente) CD

JUMBO'S KILLCRANE aren't your typical Doom or Heavyrock trio. They remind me to bands like BASTARDS or KILLDOZER, those groups you find on labels like NOISE AMPHETAMINE REPTILE REC etc in the late-80's and the early-90's. The seven songs on " Il Cadavers Eccelente " are full of interesting breaks and structures, which are hard to explain. The thick and heavy sound includes s few distorted vocal parts and some quiet moments. I like this different dynamics JUMBO'S KILLCRANE use and in some tracks there's a bluesy and melancholic feeling.

The music is full of passion and it really "burns", like for example in the last and longest track "Electra". But after a while the whole song structure changes into a small acoustic Blues guitar-part that goes over into something that is more experimental and sonic. You hear that almost all the songs were first takes or one-off takes with no overdubs. This three-piece is a very tight unit and it must be interesting to see a live performance from this band. So, if you're open-minded enough for this sludgy masterpiece check out the website from JUMBO'S KILLCRANE and get in touch with their world.