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After two excellent full-length releases on the band's own label Tarlick Records, JUMBO'S KILLCRANE have signed with Maryland's Crucial Blast Industries. Once again, this band is playing an intense heavy nervous rocking mixture, that some call prog-sludge, but that's only one side of the coin. As the Melvins f.e., JUMBO'S KILLCRANE are doing their very own filthy psycho thing out there. Ten years ago, one would describe this band as a noisy heavy rock band, with a blues drenched edge and passionate destructive undertones. Sometimes, some kind of melancholic emotions are shining through the songs, but this won't last for too long, and suddenly a noisy wall overwhelms the listener. With song-titles like"Tres Futbol Del Mono I" f.e, they haven't lost their fondess for the Spanish language and there's still this special sarcastic humour, that makes this band very interesting, too. The production of "Carnaval De Carne" got a very pure and natural sound, without taking the power of the songs. JUMBO'S KILLCRANE won't please everyone, but that's not the intention of this powerful three-piece. If you're looking for an exciting and ambitious alternative, check out "Carnaval De Carne", and you'll surely be satisfied. For extensive and actual news, take a look at the homepage of JUMBO'S KILLCRANE.