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JUDGE NOT ...(Compilation) 2CD

The first release from the American label UNDERDOGMA REC. and it's a compilation with 28 groups and 28 tracks,as far as I know are all songs unreleased. The bands are: SOLACE, MEN OF PORN, TWIN EARTH, THE QUILL, BOZEMAN'S SIMPLEX, CALAMUS, THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND, TAILDRAGGER, IRONBOSS, GAMMERA, SOLARIZED, VOLUME, PLASTER, PALE DIVINE, ZEROCHARISMA , TRAUMATIC, RAGING SLAB, SYRUP, BUZZARD, MUSTACH, SMOKE IN SUNSHINE, THE SATELLITE CIRCLE, PUNY HUMAN, BONGWATER 666, HALF MAN, ASTROQUEEN, FIVE HORSE JOHNSON...and DOUBLENECK. A lot of music and all in all it's a good sampler,but I must admit that most of the bands play the same Heavy-Fuzz Rock style,and some of those tracks are really weak. No own identity, but that doesn't matter because on the other side you will find some strong and interesting songs. One of the outstanding songs is "Motor City Is Burning" from FIVE HORSE JOHNSON.

It's a good cover version of the old J.L.HOOKER/ MC 5 classic.Very relaxed with a nice harmonica! RAGING SLAB burn down their dirty Southern Boogie Rock with "Pole Cat Woman"...good to hear that they still alive. PALE DIVINE have the longest track with over 10 min. It's a great 70's Doom Rock/Metal track with different tempi.A interesting band and I hope that they have the possibility to release an album in the future. And there are other nice songs on "JUDGE NOT..." But ,as I said before,too much of the bands play the same Heavy Fuzz Rock style and that's not really my world.The whole artwork was done by Tattoo artists Scott Moore and Leigh Dart. We will see what UNDERDOGMA brings us in the future.