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JOSIAH (Into The Outside) CD

Once again one of these bands that are sounding as if we still have 1971, what's absolutely ok for me. It's the second album of British trio JOSIAH, again released by Molten Records and my first meeting with their sound. JOSIAH fuse dusty hard boogie rock with rootsy blues and aren't far removed from very early Grand Funk Railroad, Stackwaddy or Black Cat Bones just to name a few. This is swamp heavy blues of the rootiest pedigree, utilising a simple but stunningly effective hybrid of raw heavyness, blues, rock 'n' roll and a touch of Psychedelic, steeped in Southern authenticity. The voice of guitarist Mat Bethancourt is an instrument in its own rights, a life-affirming bellow that equalle John Kay and Captain Beefheart for soulfulness. The blistering "The Scarlatti Tilt" is only one of the highlights here.

The last and longest track "Unwind Your Mind" a slow burning piece of psych-folk blues while "Keep On Pushin'" is even more primal, a riotous piece of 60's garage. "Sylvie" is another classic instrumental acoustic piece of folk-blues which reminds to Led Zeppelin. The brooding, thuggish rifferama of "Beyond" is another great track here. Another plus is the authentic production here which is basic and pure like in the early 70's, but still with a modern edge. Due to the fact that "Into The Outside" is rich in variety, filled with passionate playing and offers a tasteful sense for strong hooklines it's a very enjoyable album and highly recommandable for all fans of early 70's raw heavy blues rock 'n' roll. Well done, guys!