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JECANO hail from Berkshire, England and they've been around for three years. This is their third self-financed release that comes in a very professional layout. The EP includes three long tracks, that are between 7 and 8 minutes. Like a few other bands in this update, JECANO are very 60's/70's oriented, with metallic and punky undertones. The vocals are sometimes comparable to Nick Fallon (Clutch) as in "The Hive", and the cover-artwork reminds me a lot to the "Jam Room" album cover of Clutch. And they've got more in common with Maryland's Clutch, where "Hilltop Hanging" is the perfect example for. In opposite to the US-band, or the UK- Heavy Rock bands as Sally, Hangnail or Orange Goblin, the sound of JECANO isn't that heavy, but therefore it carries an immense 70's spirit. All three songs about 7 minutes and full of heavy bluesy parts, with a lot of guitarwork and different tempo changes as in the furious opener "Tyre Wall". Especially the guitarwork of Arthur Ivers is excellent and shines over the whole EP. "Monument III" is a very enjoyable EP with a lot of authentic moments, and than you may think while listening, JECANO belongs to the forgotten heavy dinosaur bands of the early 70's. I'm looking forward the debut album, so where's the contract?