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JAMESON RAID (Just As The Dust Had Settled) CD

It's quite amazing to see how much unknown bands from the NWOBHM period have been unearthed by Shadow Kingdom Records. And the best part of it all is that these bands really do deserve it. The same also apllies to JAMESON RAID, an English group that has been formed in 1977. During their time of existence JAMESON RAID only released two EP's and a demo tape until they broke-up in 1982. 'Just As The Dust Had Settled' is a comprehensive in-depth compilation where the years 1978 through 1981 are explored. It's obvious from some of the included fourteen tracks that the roots of JAMESON RAID lie back in the year 1973, because there are still bluesy elements within their music. It seems that Thin Lizzy in particular has left an enduring impression on the band, not least because of Terry Dark's well-temperatured vocals.

'Never Again' is propelled by a brutal boogie rhythm akin to the heaviest tracks from early-1970's blues rock bands like Creepy John Thomas or Stack Waddy. In all other respects, however, JAMESON RAID has little in common with 1970's heavy rock and especially the guitar sound tends to sound more metallic. Well, ok, a track such as 'Do It The Hard Way' could have stemmed from the year 1973 but merely reveal a clear direction towards heavy metal. Like so many other bands from the NWOBHM period, the songs are equipped with incredibly great hooklines. Just listen to anthems as, for example, 'The Hypnotist', It's A Crime', 'Seven Days Of Splendour' or 'The Raid' that are as catchy as possible. Sometimes they manage to achieve the songwriting qualities of Diamond Head and even the musicianship is superb; each musician creates a complete chemistry.

If one listens to 'Goodbye', the only live track on this album, it's not surprising then that they apparently played in front of a big crowd. It is all the more astonishing that JAMESON RAID has never made a real breakthrough in the very late 1970's, because they had their shit together. Of course, the packaging is exemplary again and Shadow Kingdom Records shows every other record label how to design a REALLY informative booklet. Additionally all songs have been re-mastered and digitally transferred onto disc to obtain the best possible quality from the original masters. 'Just As The Dust Had Settled' is not only a recommendation for NWOBHM enthusiasts, but also for everyone who is continually seeking very good music. I didn't know JAMESON RAID before I received the CD - now I'm very glad that I know this great, almost-forgotten band.