ISOLE (Throne Of Void) CD

Oh, holy mother nature, what for an impressive piece of epic doom metal do we have here! I'm still overwhelmed from ISOLE's first album 'Forevermore', but this one is more than a dignified successor. Not only the production is top-notch, but also the complete song arrangements as well as the entire playing. Everything fits perfectly together, and not one single note or tone is superfluous here. And all this words from someone, who was never a big fan of epic doom metal, except of groups like Solitude Aeturnus, early Candlemass and Solstice. Although all seven songs spread a very gloomy atmosphere, ISOLE's mighty sound isn't tearful for a second.

The lyrics are mournful, but far away from any childish self-pity perspective. Ok, that's no real surprise, because this isn't any lame goth shit, which pretends to be doom metal. This sound is so damn powerful, proud, emotional and majestically like a lonesome iron fortress on top of a mountain. Or it could be the perfect soundtrack for a movie about a warrior, who's searching for inner enlightment..... I could go on and on.... Well, and you don't need any drugs to feel inspired by this timeless music.  I guess, everything has been written and if you want more details about single songs than go and buy a copy! At least one remark: with releases like this I Hate Records will definitely become the doom metal label Nr. 1 worldwide.