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This is the band of Aaron Turner, the Hydrahead-label boss and with ISIS, he and four other musicians are exploring new regions in the well-known Doom and Noise territory. The result of this is very intense and it embodies perfectly the musical possibilties that are laying beside the stereotype old ways of the above mentioned styles. ISIS are still a "rock" band in the widest meaning, but they aren't easy to categorize. There are ambient soundscapes, a very effective use of different dynamics and ISIS are showing with their music that Doom isn't far away from so-called Noise Rock bands as Unsane or older Amphetamine Reptile bands as Bastards, God Bullies and so on. And in a few moments Neurosis comes to my mind while listening to this band. I like the way ISIS connects the heavyness and intensity of Vitus/Sleep riffs with the cold bluesless vibe of Noise and heavy low-end eruptions.

There's a dark and apocalyptic vibe in all five tracks and the last one "Celestial (Signal fills the Void)" is remixed by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Ice) and his musical vision fits perfect into the whole ISIS context. But you can't compare them with Godflesh, because they didn't combine machines with rock riffs. If you're open enough for good music, than I give you the advice to start with this CD-EP. They've released more stuff, but this a fine appetizer, packaged in a very tasteful digi-pack. "SGNL>05" has been released on Neurot Recordings and for more infos check out the ISIS website.