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IRONBOSS (Hung Like Horses) CD

This band has released a lot of stuff, during the past years, and my introduction to them was the still recommandable live album "Guns don't kill people...Ironboss does!" on Underdogma Records. Now, here's the newest release and I'm not disappointed for a minute. IRONBOSS have included a few tracks, that I know from the live-album as the boogie-driven "Pussy on the Corner" or "Chrome and Gold" f.e. Blues, R'n'R and Boogie are the ground, on which this guys are building their powerhouse. After a short intro, the band explodes with "Jig is Up". The groove is hot and steamy, and if you like Clutch you love "Jig is Up". With "Hi-Ridin' Babe", the bands shows that they've listen a lot to Thin Lizzy and the hookline of the song stucks in my head, since I've received this promo. "Back when I was a Miner" is a true and honest tribute to all the famous and unknown Delta-Blues musicians. Chris Rhoten has recorded this track in his basement on a cheap tape deck, only playing guitar and singing, and it really sounds as if it were recorded back in 1950. But not only here, his authentic Blues-drenched vocals are on top.

He belongs to the guys, who have sucked the Blues with mother's milk. But the whole bands rolls as a heavy well-oiled motorcycle through the complete album, and comes up with a few nice surprises as the short integrated AC/DC-tribute part in the title track. I won't lose words about every song, because every track is on the same high-quality. If you're looking for a heavy authentic entertaining bluesy R'n'R album, that's far away from any "stoner"-stereotypes, than check out "Hung Like Horses". And believe me, IRONBOSS can be very addictive after a while. You can buy this album on the Underdogma homepage and/or visit the IRONBOSS homepage for the latest activities.