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IRONBOSS (Guns Don't Kill People... IronBoss Does!) CD

This is the third full-length and the first live album from Maryland's heaviest boogie-driven Rock'n'Roll act. The unplanned gig was recorded with a 16-track ADAT in the Recher's Theatre in Towsen, Maryland and it has captured the energy of the powerful and energetic set. There are no additionel overdubs or other technical tricks in all nine tracks.This is a real rock show , where you can smell the beer and sweat while listening.

IRONBOSS haven't much in common with other Maryland bands as Internal Void or Earthride f.e. For sure, they are heavy and bluesy but more oriented to straight-forward R'n'R , Delta-Blues and Boogie. Do you know Australian bands like Bored! or Powder Monkeys? If so, than you can imagine what I mean. As a bonus, they have added a live version of the Saxon song "Motorcycle Man", recorded to DAT at the Effenaar Club in Eindhoven . This album kicks from the beginning to the end, and it will appeal to everyone who loves to ROCK!!! I like the unbound and raw energy of this disc and this evening must have been a very good one for the band and the audience and that's what you still can feel on this uncluttered document. For more about the moto-cross war machine IRON BOSS check out the band's homepage or visit UNDERDOGMA RECORDS.