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Some of the best Doom Metal bands are coming from England, as for example Solstice, Warning, Solomon Kane or Pagan Altar and now here's IRON HEARSE with their first full-length. In opposite to the other bands, IRON HEARSE are not really a true Doom Metal band, because they added a massive injection of Hardrock into their heavy blend, but some songs are still very doomy. 'Wrong Remains' sounds as if IRON HEARSE have exhumed an unreleased song from The Obsessed, while the opener 'Rocktopus' is a powerful anthem, that will stuck in your ears for days. But that's not the only song, that is catchy as hell, because IRON HEARSE are focused on strong melodies and hooks galore, without sounding cheesy or lame. 'Black Tapestry' is a bit more complex, but never pointless or boring, while 'Reactor IV' is a strong instrumental tune. All this are making that album just more interesting, instead of following one formula. The vocals are rough and bluesy, and a lot of good leads plus a very natural production are making this release to a very good one. If you love your Hardrock heavy and doom-drenched, than it's time, to discover IRON HEARSE. Hope to hear more from them in the future. Meanwhile this album is out of print, but Psychedoomelic did the re-issue with extra tracks.