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IRON GIANT (No Longer Sleeping) CD

Out of Canada comes the four-piece IRON GIANT with their debut album, released on Eric's and Melody's label 12th Planet Music. You can listen to different musical influences in all ten tracks of this debut, and IRON GIANT are trying to create and develop their own heavy sound. Sometimes they have reached this goal , sometimes they are just very close to all the average standards. But they are still sounding refreshing enough, to be not filed under the cheap knock-off category. Especially skinsman John Flanagan got his own style of drumming, that's very dynamic and not that typical for this kind of music. But the other guys are also putting their true hearts into their music.

I also like to point out the diversity on "No Longer Sleeping", which ranges from heavy r'n'r tracks, southern influenced stuff to more doomy tunes. IRON GIANT are more metal than most of the heavy fuzz rock bands this debut is a very good start into the heavy rock world. The press info compares this band to C.O.C., Orange Goblin and Goatsnake and although they doesn't reach the intensity and virtuosity of this bands I agree with it. This is no groundbreaking release, but what is really groundbreaking today and if you like to check out what's going on in Canada, than order this album directly from 12th Planet Music and check out the IRON GIANT's homepage.