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IRON GIANT (Creator Of Scars) CD

It's been seven years ago when I received a copy of IRON GIANT's debut album 'No Longer Sleeping'. This album didn't blew me away, but it was a pretty good start. Heavy guitars, raw vocals and plenty of grooves reminded me to bands like later COC and Orange Goblin and it was highly probable that this Canadian band will go their way. My assumption has proven right, because their second album is a decided improvement acroos the board. Released in 2008 on Diminished Fifth Records, 'Creator of Scars' is chock-full of adrenaline-driven songs, powered by filthy riffs that are heavier than on the debut. Each songs is catchy as hell and the mighty lungs of vocalist Chris Lewis fit to IRON GIANT's thunderous metal-soaked heavy rock like chalk and cheese. For the first time IRON GIANT live up to their name and the scale of this improvement is impressive. From the very first minutes of the title track 'Creator of Scars' the passion and energy is palpable and they don't lose grip over the following 38 minutes. A very few tracks are too similar for my taste, but that doesn't take away the fun from this album. The mighty grooves are irresistible and unfolding as much energy like a power station. From time to time the band refines their sound with a slight southern blues edge or they slow down the pace. 'Creator of Scars' is a damn good album, and I suggest to drink several cold beers whilst listening to IRON GIANT. If this guys keep the quality then their third album will be a masterpiece.