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INSIDER (Jammin' For Smiling God) MCD

I think, that it isn't a secret anymore, that Italy has a huge underground scene with bands like Ufomammut, EXP, That's All Folks!, Skywise and so on. And, of course one of the fathers, the living legend Paul Chain. INSIDER is another good Italian act, and "Jammin' For Smiling God" is, as far as I know their third release. This CD is clocking in at half an hour and you can hear four tracks that are filled with some trippy synthesizer effects and a lot of heavy fuzzed-out riffs. Especially the synthesizer effects are giving the songs a special note and the band doesn't only use them as a background instrument. In some moments like in "Divine Breath" the synths are reminding me to Type O Negative. Together with the heavy 70's riffage the band has written some outstanding tracks like "Blind And Bloody Quietness". It's my personal highlight, with it's oriental opening, the heavy riffs and the last 2 minutes of this tune are a faster driven psychedelic part.

The title track is nearly 11 minutes long, and very close to newer Hawkwind. You can hear a lot of spaced-out sounds, some vocal effects, a groovy bass- line and a lot of guitars. INSIDER are aware of the newer heavy fuzz rock bands and together with the Space Rock edge in their music and the rough voice of guest vocalist Sigly, these guys have written four nice tunes with an own musical profile. This mini album is recommandale for Space/ Desert and Doomrocker and it has been released in 2000 on Beard Of Stars Records. The more you listen to "Jammin'...", the more you will love it. The only fact, I'm curious about is that this CD has no artwork from the guys of Malleus. Nowadays, it's very unusal for a BoS release... just kidding!