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INFIDEL? / CASTRO! (Bioentropic Damage Fractal) 2CD

Although I don't like to categorize musical styles it does help to drop a given album in a given musical bag when reviewing it since that is really the only way of letting the reader have some idea about the structure of the music. This 2CD-set, however, is so much out on a limb it's hard to relate on this monitor the overall sound. INFIDEL? / CASTRO! are a two piece who can realize an enormous lyseric-like confusion and marvellous delicate electro-acoustic ambient metal destruction all in the space of two silver discs. Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Behold ... The Arctopus) and George Korein generate a spectrum of moods and soundscapes raging from the beautiful electronic drones of "(In)voluntary Emotional Response" that reminds me to the early works of Tangerine Dream or Cluster to relentless experimental sound constructions of "Damage Fractal Series I", divided into four different parts. Another great piece of well-crafted ambient is "Temporarily Dissolving Into Plasma During A Moment To One's Self", that is not only the longest song-title on the album as well as the longest track, too.

At times Naked City come to mind, but here is a strong electronic approach, where Naked City had used several different jazz styles. So it's no surprise that the band played in venues like the Knitting Factory in NYC or the Trocadero, Philadelphia and a surreal song like "Involuntary Physical Response" will surely be a masterpiece for all fans of undefineable and uncatagorizable avantgardesque sounds. I'd like to enjoy all of the album but this shredding half-electronic blast-beats are rather monotonous and cut across the extremes of the band's style, so I better concentrate on the quieter moments. But both discs, entitled 'Cancer' and 'Cancer:Decay' shock the listener with a musical and sonic versatility, that it's not easy to remember what one had listened five minutes ago here. INFIDEL? / CASTRO! are an exceedingly extreme duo, and again Crucial Blast have strengthen their reputation for being one of the prime US-labels for outstanding experimental sounds. For a lot of people, this is just pure noise but I suggest this album for every listener who's likes to discover mind-expanding sounds that have nothing in common with the usual rock 'n' roll framwork and is open for endless interprations and inspirations.