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And once again, it's psychedelic time! But this UK-based project, lead by Laurence O'Toole, aren't playing loud heavy psych rock, no it's more 60's psych pop, with this typical British sound. If Jerry Garcia (R.I.P.) would dose a band like Oasis or Blur with purest LSD 25, maybe this could be the result, or when the Beatles had written more psychedelic tracks for the "Sgt. Pepper" album. Somewhere between you find the sound of HYPNOSIS. This band started out as a musical project, and released the first album "Medicine Works Like Magic" on Acme in 1999. There's a close connection to Sun Dial, another outstanding UK-based psychedelic band, and with Gary Ramon one member is here to find among other guest musicians.

I can't say, that I really dig this kind of music, but there are a few moments in my life, when "Apple 13" gets my interest. The musicians are using all the instruments, you need for this kind of sound like hammond organ, mellotron, wurlitzer piano, and a moog and they managed to stay very close to the 60's, without any modern influences. "Apple 13" offers a sweet and relaxed retro-trip to the listener with a lot of variety, and everyone who's into this kind of music will love the album. The album has been released on Beard Of Stars Records, where you can find more informations about HYPNOSIS.