HYPNOS 69 (Timeline Traveller) CD

I've never listened to the before released 10" but this long-playing five track album was a very positive surprise for me. But the first time, I've seen the cover-artwork and noticed the name of this Belgium trio, I've expected the typical "heavy-fuzzy-bluesy-groovy-straight-forward-70's-V8-like-kick-ass- r 'n' r", but gladly I've was wrong. Although the album only consists of five songs, it got a playing time of 42 minutes +. The album bursts off with "Timeline Traveller", and the journey starts back at the late-60's with the MC5 and The Who, but there's more in this song. The album sounds like a never-released album from an undiscovered underground 70's heavy psych group. HYPNOS 69 got tons of skills and have created an authentic and entertaining album, that got it's furious moments as "Voodoo Dancer" or the opener.The integrated instrumental parts are very relaxed and peaceful, filled with a floating feeling , which aren't ending into nerve-wrecking endless jams.

Everything is well structered and focused on remarkable songs. Bass and drums are one tight unit, while the guitar swirls around or sets different accents.To open up the music for a wider dimension, they've integrated different instruments as Rhodes piano, theremin, synths, bariton guitar and more. The fourth track "A Neverending Enigma" is divided into two parts. It starts as a jazz-rock song and becomes a journey through the 70's from prog to psych and back. This song is also another good example, why HYPNOS 69 got not very much in common with the usual "stoner" cliches. This band still lives in the 60's and 70's and they sweating this time out. The natural-sounding production underlines the different dynamics in the music and the album title describes the music.This a higly recommandble album, that everyone who's into 60's and 70's stuff shouldn't be without. It has been released in 2002 on the Belgium label Rock ' N ' Roll Radio Records and for actual news check out the HYPNOS 69 homepage.