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Awakening!? Are you kidding? While listening to HORSE LATITUDES' second album, I feel more like a sailor on a three-masted ship that got caught in the legendary horse latitudes. That is a region between the northern and southern hemisphere where almost always calm prevails. So, if a sailing ship had to pass through that area in the old times it had been reduced to immobility and the upcoming time was a hard one for the crew. This way or similar is how I feel when I'm listening to 'Awakening', simply because not much happens here. This is not due to the fact that Finland's HORSE LATITUDES consists of only a drummer and two bassists (one of them also handles the lead vocals).

It is rather due to the fact that there is little variety within the long songs. That is, of course, what is intended, but personally I would have had nothing against more variety. Thus, it would be easier for me to distinguish these six songs. But quite apart from that, I must admit that I'm not the right person to appreciate this type of "funeral/extreme metal" or whatever you want to call it. Well ok, the two basses are heavy and distorted and the drum sets a new standard in minimalism, but what's that worth if the songs are entirely free from emotional tensions and dynamics?

But worst of all are the vocals. Not always, but frequently as for example in 'Into The Deep'. All of a sudden, the singer is struck by seizures and starts to sing with such a whining voice, so that my remaining interest vaporises rapidly . With that in mind I prefer his normal style, even though its oversaturated with pathos, at least for my taste. So after all, I came to the conclusion that I don't belong to the target audience of HORSE LATITUDES - it is as simple as that.