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This obscure band, consisting of only two musicians, merge the nihilistic raw doom-soaked sound of the first Type O Negative album with the funeral goth crawl of Thergothon, without being as brilliant as both bands. By the way, Type O Negative should have split-up after 'Bloody Kisses', but that's another story. This is their second demo and it’s a nice start, but next time they should spent more time in their rehearsel room, before recording a full-length or a second demo. Especially the thin sound of the drum-computer is terrible, and they should do something about it. If they would also torture my ears with that typical cookie-monster vocals, I wouldn’t write anything about HotBM, but they didn't do that. The clear and melancholic vocals are ok, but nothing more. I guess, today is my lucky day. For my taste, none of the here included three songs is really outstanding, although they can spread a bizarre feeling as long as you like this kind of music, which has not much in common with classic Doom Metal. So dear members of HotBM, please throw out this terrible drum-machine, then hire someone who can play, and secondly I give you the advice to write songs with better riffs and a less-kitschy keyboard sound.