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HORISONT (Second Assault) LP/CD

There have been times when it was something new to recreate the hard rock of the 1970's. But as usual it has become fashionable and thus the element of surprise is gone, not to mention the fact that more quantity doesn't mean more quality. Personally, I have never liked bands such as Witchcraft or Graveyard - just to name a few. Instead, I prefer the original heavy bands from the 1960's and 1970's, even though I like a few retro psych bands such as On Trial, The Flying Eyes, Baby Woodrose or Dean Allen Foyd.

Sweden's HORISONT is definitely one of these groups that I did not like at all. Already the first album caused boredom and 'Second Assault' has exactly the same effect on me. This is due on one hand to the high-pitched, whiny vocals that kill all joy and drive me mad in the shortest timeframe. But also the rest of the band fails to convince me. Well, they master their instruments but they lack the ability to create a distinctive sound. This would not be so bad if they have the talent to write remarkable songs, but even that is impossible. Instead, HORISONT deliver an impersonal sonic brew, consisting of the usual influences as for example Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash or Led Zeppelin.

Furthermore, there's a so-called proto heavy metal vibe in a couple of songs but that is nothing special in current times. The opposite is true: it's pretty hip, but this is something I don't find disturbing. Conclusion: 'Second Assault' is only for people who can't get enough from 1970's retro hard rock, but I am certainly not one of them.