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HONCHO (Corporate Rock) CD

Hmh, haven't I heard all this before ? Maybe with another cover-artwork and under another name, but everything sounds so familiar to me. And that familitarity really disturbs me. Ok, nothing is really new today and HONCHO are playing their heavy Rock very solid, the riffs are thick and heavy as a bulldozer and the singer is trying to sound passionate and blues-like but I'm still searching for something authentic in their music. "Corporate Rock" contains eleven tracks and a hidden one and there are some really nice moments, but mostly there's a lack of orginality in it. I won't deny that these Norwegian guys are really believe in their music and they've got a lot of fun while playing it, but for me as someone who's listening to a LOT of heavy stuff during the last twenty years I'm a little bit tired of this kind of heavy-fuzzy-groovy-doomy-blues-laden 70's Rawk.

The band info says: "Honcho does it deeper", but if I would be a woman I must say "Sorry, Honcho...but that one is much to short for me". But maybe I'm just an old ignorant man for you, and HONCHO aren't looking for new ideas or innovations. And maybe they just want to rock out with their cocks out and this will be your hottest band of 2002. Like I've said before, very solid performance but that's not enough for me. Maybe next time, so decide for yourself! The label is WATER DRAGON Records and visit the HONCHO homepage for further informations.