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This is a brandnew French band, formed in September 2001 with their first three track demo CD recorded in April 2002. All of the four musicians have played in other different underground bands before. HIGHLIGHT are playing an interesting mixture of different styles, that ranges from Alternative Rock to 60's Pop and the result reminds me a bit to the Queens Of The Stone Age.But this band trys to work out an very own blend, that's far away from all those typical Doom/"stoner"/Sludge stuff. In some moments they remind me a bit to legendary acts as Celibate Rifles or later Radio Birdman. But aside of all this name-dropping, I had to say, that I really like the music of HIGHLIGHT. The songs are played in a straight forward mid-tempo and are full of catchy moody melodies. There's an atmosphere in all songs, that I would describe with words as lost and lonely. None of the instruments or the vocals standing in the front, no big guitar-solos and everything is focused on the melody. This is a very fine and excellent demo with a good and professional sound, and I really hope that HIGHLIGHT will get a record deal, because they are ready to go and talented, too.Very good music, that's sure!!!