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After the first two demos of this French band I asked myself why this guys haven't signed any record contract, because their material is convincing and more original than 80% of the current Doom/Stoner scene. Now this is HIGHLIGHT's third demo, and the question mark in my head becomes bigger and bigger. Finally, the group have left behind the Queens Of The Stone Age-influence, though a little trace is still to find in the vocals but I don't call that a lack of own identity. The demo consists four brandnew tracks and a video clip. In comparison to the first two demos they have made a huge step forward. Everything sounds more matured, rougher and heavier and once again the term "stonerrock" isn't the best description for HIGHLIGHT. One of the group's trademarks is their skillful way to create excellent hooklines in combination with powerful riffs and the vocals of David Girard have now reached a very charismatic point.

Although here are no weak tracks, "In My Head" belongs to my personal highlights with its robot-like groove and the anthemic refrain where bass-player Renaud Maunier shows that he's a talented vocalist, too. HIGHLIGHT are still very emotional but their introspective musical outlook seems to become more offensive like the up-tempo rocker "Bald Eagle" f.e.. The demo closes with "Salvation", a video clip that shows the band live on stage. It's no professional shooting, of course, but I like the underground idea of it. Well, the previously mentioned question is still in my head, and I hope this will change after the demo. But maybe HIGHLIGHT are uncompromising independant freaks with no interest in signing to any record label on this world, but I don't think so.