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Here's the second 5 titles demo MCD-R, recorded last year in August 2002. I've lost some good words about this French band before, and I will continue my positive critic after I've listened a lot to their second demo. To compare it with the first one, there's still a Queens Of The Stone Age-edge in their music, but not as much as on the previous release. And as long as you don't copy the Queens sound one to one, it's ok for me. But there's more to discover, and especially this relaxed feeling as in songs like "3507" knows to please me. The overall sound got a very introspective and soft touch, without losing its drive and rocking appeal and the next bonus about HIGHLIGHT is the fact, that the four musicians have played in other bands before, because they know to arrange and write catchy tunes. One of my faves is "Who Am I", an enchanting melancholic track with a psychedelic gleam. This band doesn't emulate with the heavy fuzz-rock league, what makes them more original without trying to improve anything. This demo is nothing groundbreaking, but fans of bands like QotSA, Screaming Trees or old Tea Party should give it a try.