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It's time for a new release from the Israeli record label Totalrust Music, and here we have the debut of the US-band HIGHGATE. If you know more about the concept of Totalrust Music, then you already aware of the fact that this isn't the next load of groovy 70's rock or something comparable. HIGHGATE fuse elements of sludge, black metal and doom metal to one monstrous untitled song with a total playing time of more than 50 minutes. Maybe this sound boring at first, but the band really manage to record an interesting song, which surprise with unexpected changes, despite all minimalistic riffing. Especially the programmed sound f/x in the background create a certain atmosphere, while some of the riffs remind me to very early Grief.

Of course, the brutal vocals are nothing for people with an extreme sensitive nature, but they fit perfect to this cold and depressive heavy sound. After nearly 30 minutes the song goes more into a black metal direction, without reinforcing its pace too much. Well, it isn't so viscous as it is at the beginning, but it won't reach the speed of typical black metal. Obviously HIGHGATE have thought about interesting arrangements and for my taste they have been successful. Overall, this a good debut and I suspect that this band comes up with more surprises in the future.