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HIGH ON FIRE (The Art of Self Defense) CD

This is the first HIGH ON FIRE record on MAN`S RUIN after their self-financed three song cd.  And it comes over me like a rolling mill. Matt Pike (ex-SLEEP) and his new bandmates carry on where SLEEP`s "Jerusalem" has stopped. For me, HIGH ON FIRE has the same intensity, but here are six songs,not only one. Heavy brutal overwhelming riffs create a wall of a merciless sonic psychedelic radiation and there is not much time to take a breathe, only between the songs. Three songs are very long like for example "Master of Fists" (a real sonic fist!) with 10:03. I think , that HIGH ON FIRE had build their own monster and it`s hard to swallow.If you like the softer Heavy/Doom bands you better stay away, but if you want to take a hard and unclean trip, this will satisfy you !!! After every listening I feel like as I had sniff some glue or taken old shrooms. The album has been re-released with a bonus track on Tee Pee Records.