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HERMANO (...only a suggestion!) LP/CD

Formed in the Ohio River Valley, late in summer of 1998 by Steve Earle and Steve Dandy Brown. Later John Garcia joined the band and one year later HERMANO entered the studio and recorded the eight songs, that you can hear now, three years later on this album. And Garcia's shining brilliant voice is the only thing in HERMANO's music that is making them to something special, especially for all the Kyuss and Unida fans out there. The music is not far away from Garcias other bands, it only sounds more metallic. After I received last year the split-promo with OdD (see review), I've expected more orginality from this band, but they are very close to Kyuss. Only tracks like the intense heavy opener "The Bottle" or the up-tempo rocker "Manager's Special" are stepping a bit out of this circle.And to make things clear...I've got nothing against Kyuss, but nowadays it really bores me to death because so much bands have copy this style and although John Garcia is part of the line-up, I've got the same problem with HERMANO's music. Of course, it's no worse album but I'm better looking forward the new Unida album. If you can't get enough of Kyuss-styled heavy rock than lay your hands on "...only a suggestion", it's at least better than all the uninspired clone bands. This album has been released on Tee Pee Records and for actual infos visit the band's homepage.