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After the successful release of HERMANO's second studio album "Dare I Say..." in 2005, Suburban Records comes up with new stuff, and this time it's a live-recording from the band's last European tour, where they also played at the "W2" in Belgium. At this night, it must have been a good show for both, band and audience, because this disc is an entertaining and powerful document, which contains a good selection of songs from the debut and the aformentioned previous one as well as a few surprises like a cover-version of the AC/DC anthem "T.N.T". I can't say, that this belongs to my faves from "Live At W2", although it's interesting to listen to John Garcia, when he walks in the footsteps of Bon Scott.  

But HERMANO are in much better shape, when they perform their own songs, and it's a listening pleasure with how much energy and heaviness they roar through their set; from the opener "Cowboys Suck" 'til the last unreleased cut "Manager's Special". "Dare I Say..." is a good album, but at times I think, that the production is a bit too clean and I don't like all the effects on Garcia's vocals, but here on stage the songs are stripped to their blank bones, what adds a greater dynamic to them.  But it's also the same with the cuts from the debut "... Only A Suggestion!". Just check out  "The Bottle" f.e., and maybe you will understand me. So, this is my favourite HERMANO album until now,  but all of you Kyuss-worshippers will already own it.