These are good times for all thrash metal revivalists. Over the last few years a couple of promising new bands appeared on the scene to continue the tradition of German bands like old Kreator, old Sodom, Minotaur, Assassin and so on. One of the biggest postive surprises was HELLISH CROSSFIRE's relentless debut 'Slaves of the Burning Pentagram', released in 2007 thru I Hate Records. They made no compromises and sparked off a red-hot fire that revived the ghosts from glorious past. Despite all this, HELLISH CROSSFIRE didn't mutated to a lifeless copy, but injected fresh blood into an old sound. Needless to say, that this German band is absolutely authentic in what they are doing. The same can be said for their second album that is released again by I Hate Records in 2010. 'Bloodrust Scythe' is a pure sonic blast. It's brimming with aggression and overwhelming power, no matter whether the pacing is full speed ahead or more located in mid-tempo regions.

But there are also some unexpected moments. 'Black Injection' kicks off with propulsive riffs that fly by like lightning, but all of a sudden the band has integrated a segment that could be taken from Diamond Head's 'Lightning to the Nations'. Especially those ideas make sure that 'Bloodrust Scythe' doesn't get boring. The guitar solos in '... Of Slaying Grounds' are clearly influenced from Slayer which is not a bad thing, while 'Into The Old And Evil' cannot deny the proximity to Iron Maiden. Another highlight of the album is 'Orgasmic Rush' which is the most diversified track here. HELLISH CROSSFIRE have no interest in innovations, but prefer to preserve the roots of timeless thrash metal. They manage to do so again and I am sure that all lovers of raw and unpretentious thrash will like 'Bloodrust Scythe'. If so, go to your favourite record dealer and buy a copy of this album. It's definitely worth getting.