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This promo was a nice little surprise for me. I've never heard anything from this Italian band so I immedatley put this three-tracker in my player. The info-sheet says that the band was formed, or better spit out of hell in 1998. Drummer Caio is also playing with his other band Strange Corner and Ale, the bass player toured in 1997 with his old band Snowfall. The HELL DWELLERS are influenced by the classic stuff (Sabbath, early-Misfits, Stooges, Saint Vitus, Blue Cheer etc.), and so they've decided to play for the sake of loud heavy music. They've received a great response in the local underground club circuits and so the HELL DWELLERS recorded this demo in June 2001 and mixed it in December 2001.

The above mentioned influences are shining through all three songs. There's an early-Misfits vibe in "Voted to Hell" and "Push-O-Rama", while the opener "Baghdad" is a heavy mid-tempo crusher. Especially singer Fede sounds on all tracks as the small son of J. Garcia and a young G. Danzig. At the first listening I've got my problems with the rough 4-track production, but in some way it underlines the morbid and heavy character of the HELL DWELLERS. Maybe I would call it heavy psychedelic horror r'n'r if I must. The band isn't really satisfied with the demo-sound so they are looking for a better producer to re-record these tracks together with 15 other ones. This demo comes in a professional layout and everyone's who interested (You or any label!) should contact guitar-player Cristiano Nicosia at: I hope they'll become the chance to present their material with a better sound.