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HEAVY LORD (From Cosmos To Chaos) CD

I still remember the times, when doom-infected sludge was a musical style, that wasn't very popular. But this has changed, and it looks as if  there's a invasion of  sludge bands, who all try to be more interested in being badass of fucked-up or whatsoever, instead of creating an own musical profile. Comparable to the endless stream of  brainless Kyuss-clones, only  a very few of the newer sludge bands stick out of that pile of shit, but HEAVY LORD are among them. So it's a pleasure for me to write a review about their new album 'From Cosmos To Chaos', that has been released on the Russian lable Solitude Productions. In opposite to the boring mass of sludge bands, this Dutch band knows how to arrange their monolithic songs, and they just don't hide behind a brutal wall of sound. They play a very dynamic style, which is rich in variety and poor in monotony.

Eeach of the five included songs is different to the next one, and the band isn't afraid to integrate different influences, that range from classic doom to NOLA-styled sludgecore. But this link contains the only weakness of HEAVY LORD: the vocals! Not that they are totally bad, but too often the singer sounds like a soulless Phil Anselmo-copy. Maybe he can't sing in another way, but I don't like this stupid idiot Anselmo. He sucks !!! So I don't like all the vocalists, who are influenced by him. It's as simple as that. But apart of my hate for this Anselmo-clown,  here we still have the music, which is very good.  The clear production supports the mighty sound of HEAVY LORD in a perfect way. However, 'From Cosmos To Chaos' is a disc, that will be played very often by me, although I don't really feel comfort with the vocals. But you can't alway get what you want....