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HEAVY LIQUID (Skag & The Dust) CD

Most of you will know that New Jersey is another creative area for heavy rock in all its different variations. Bands like Monster Magnet , Solarized , The Atomic Bitchwax or Solace just to name a few are all belonging to the well known bands, but there are also unknown bands as HEAVY LIQUID. I've lost some positive words about their self-titled 3 song demo and this is the first self-released full length debut. And it comes up with much stronger tracks and a better production. Doug, the singer on the demo is no more part of the line-up and instead of him guitarist Trezz is responsible for all the vocals. I had to admit, that his vocals are fitting much better into the 60's/70's influenced Rock of the band. But the band has also developed sound-wise.

Better guitarwork and a forceful rythm section are making "Skag & The Dust" to a enjoyable album.You can't really compare HEAVY LIQUID to their "big" NJ comrades, although they are sharing the same record-collection with them. There's a stronger Punk feeling in fewof the songs as the Dead Boys-like "Destroy the Darkness" or the dark Stooges-influenced "Plastik Fun". Another good song is the cover version of the UFO classic "Prince Kajuku". It's close to the original, but it sounds like an own LIQUID track.. The CD closes with the 13 minutes long "Low Life / Sleeze Chamber", that starts off like a Stooges song. If you want to explore the NJ underground than order "Skag & The Dust" directly from the band's website.