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Out of New Jersey comes this new four piece with the first three song demo. Produced by Phil Caivano ( ex-SHRAPNEL / now MONSTER MAGNET ), this band presents us some kind of Detroit influenced High Energy Rock. They mix it up with a little bit heavy Noiserock and Proto Punk and you´ve a small describtion of their music. At least ,they take a little bit 60´s Garage like in the last song "F-66", that reminds me to MM but that´s maybe the only thing they have in common with MM. The second song "Crawlspace" starts off like an old fast HAWKWIND song .The opener "Hard To Beat" is not only because of the title comparable to THE STOOGES. Adrenalin-fueled Rock with hard and simple riffs, but very effective. The forceful voice from Doug is the trademark of HEAVY LIQUID and he gives the music an own identity. Although they aren´t playing anything new HEAVY LIQUID are good enough to work out an own musical profile. The above mentioned musical ingredients are only a few and while listening to this cd I discover always something new. The layout is also very nice (coloured) and so it´s up to you if you want get a copy of this good disc.