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Heaviosity CD

And once again it's time for the next heavy compilation, released by the new UK-based label Gallipoli Records. Hm, the name sounds more Italian than anything else, but that isn't really important here. What makes this disc to a good one is the fact, that all bands are unknown, expect for those who are familiar with the current international Heavy Rock/Doom underground.  And that won't be too much.... The label had chosen 16 bands and 16 songs and you guessed it; each band plays one song!  So, sit back, relax, take a breath, because it's is a long enumeration of the assembled bands: OBIAT, DRIFT, IRON HEARSE, SADA, CORE OF THE EARTH, PALACE IN THUNDERLAND, SUNS OF THUNDER, DITCHLIQUOR, AGNOSIS, OUTBURST, CENTRIFUGE, COLOR OF DARKNESS, ANTI CLIMAX, WHORES OF TIJUANA, SALT OF THE EARTH, MOTHER TRUCKER. Who takes an interest in some of the most promising unsigned Heavy Rock bands, should check out "Heaviosity". To speak for myself, I discovered some very good songs here, like SUNS OF THUNDER's smoking, heavy rockin' "Last Of The High Rollers" or  the contributions of DITCHLIQUOR and CENTRIFUGE, but I've praised both bands already in different reviews.

CORE OF THE EARTH is also among my faves; "Ripshine" is a crushing piece of doom-drenched Sludge, which start's slowly and proceed into a mighty groove, which reminds me to the Misfits during their "Earth A.D." phase. Thumbs up! The next positive surprise is SALT OF THE EARTH's "The Purity Of Oblivion", a hard-groovin' track that draws influences from 70's Rock and 80's Doom, while ANTI CLIMAX are the masters of brutality on "Heaviosity", and their contribution "Earn Your Spurs" will definitely shock some listeners. This is a very ambitious compilation, which is more interesting than others, due the selection of bands. Maybe some of them get signed in the future! I hope so!