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HALO (Guattari-From The West Flows Grey Ash And Pestilance) CD

At first, I must say that I've got no informations about HALO, only that two persons are behind this name. R. Allen and S.Klein are using instruments like drums, bass and vocals and everything was recorded live and demixed and mutilated in the void in Melbourne. HALO will take you on a dark and slow musical journey, like an mixture between early Earth, Swans, Boris and Merzbow. On seven tracks HALO drags you down in their own mystical and uncomfortable world. The rythm is more like a fragment and the distorted vocals are coming from somewhere far from beyond. The bass is really low-end, such an enormous heaviness that crawls out of the speakers is like a test for every subwoofer. HALO are very physical in the first moment, but if you listen often to 'Guattari' you will discover the interesting structures in this monolithic soundscapes. You can't describe it with words, but everyone who is into extreme slow distorted mind-altering sounds should check out HALO, because it's an highly interesting album which makes Burning Witch sounding as a pop band. Not recommandable for the weak!