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HALF MAN (The Complete Field Guide For Cynics) CD/LP

This album was self-released in 1999 by the band and HALF MAN are planning to release the follow-up in 2002. HALF MAN are comming from the land, where you find more bands than citizens. It's of course Sweden, but it's no "stoner" Rock. HALF MAN are so close to the late 60's/early 70's, what means that you don't find anything new here, but you can hear that this album is a total passionate dedication to this period. Blues-laden Rock, sometimes very heavy and sometimes just a little bit boring, but I like it more than the other typical retro bands.

Maybe it's the bigger variety of the whole album and the well arranged songs. You find the typical additional instruments like mouth-organ etc. One thing I like to point out is the strong singer, who reminds me in some moments to Lee Dorman (Deep Purple/Captain Beyond). When you listen to tracks like " Ain't ya coming home, babe?", it's hard to believe that this album isn't from the heydays of the British Blues Rock scene between 1966 and 1970. The CD contains one bonus tracks, and if you're into the above mentioned musical styles you should get a hold of this album.