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As far as I remember, I've written in another review that the German Heavy Rock community grows stronger from year to year. In this case, the hopefuls are HAINLOOSE, which formerly were known under the name Kinch. Right after I put the promo in the player, the first chords of "Man And Buduh" made me wanna play the air-guitar and shake my old ass. HAINLOOSE are playin their 70's influenced Heavy Rock with enough emotion, but they don't get caught in the retro-trap. It's just good and timeless music and apart of the 70's, a few of tracks are bit in the vein of Clutch and COC, without losing the own identity. You can feel the passion and fun, this four guys were having, when recording "Rosula" and not only the opener is a great tune. To be honest, there's not really one worse track on it.

Everything kicks, the grooves are tight and dynamic, the hooks are delicious, the riffs are good and solid, and the clear and soulful vocals of guitarplayer Haris are sounding authentic and natural. At least, the cool and warm production transports the earthy vibe of this album perfect. After the last Colour Haze album "Los Sounds De Krauts", this is definitely the next German Heavy Rock smasher and Colour Haze guitarplayer/vocalist Stefan Koglek is playing the additional guest guitar on "Rains Of July" and he's responsible for the entire production and last but not least, he had taken the chance to release this killer album on his own label Elektrohasch Schallplatten. This is very highly recommandable heavy stuff, and I'm addicted from this album. But one question at last: what the hell is this for an animal on the front-cover? Is this a "Rosula"...hahahaha Maybe you find the answer on the HAINLOOSE website....