GUNSLINGERS (Manifesto Zero) LP/CD

It's not so long ago that I reviewed the solo album from Gregory Raimo, who's also the main man behind the French band GUNSLINGERS. Raimo's solo record was a wild trip into the world of weird grooves, free form jamming and fuzzed-out mayhem. GUNSLINGERS' second record 'Manifesto Zero' isn't so different compared to his solo work Although all six tracks are more structured, this power trio makes no compromises. The overall sound is very low-fi and chaotic while Gregory Raimo's vocals have obvious similarities to The Trashman and Gibby Haynes' (Butthole Surfers) style.

'Manifesto Zero' is a demanding album and some people will quickly feel overstrained by its restless and quirky attitude. It could also be called punk, because despite all 1960's influences in GUNSLINGERS' sound the spirit of punk is running deep in the heart of 'Manifesto Zero'. It would be no big surprise if GUNSLINGERS have recorded all six tracks in one take, because most of the songs sound improvised especially the longer tracks such as 'An Eye For A Knife' and 'Condor's Radiant Spawn'.

And these spontaneous vibe ensures that this remains a vital record which embodies the aesthetics and power of the underground. The real beauty of 'Manifesto Zero' is hidden behind deformed riffs, strange rhythms and a lot of noise. Not everyone will like GUNSLINGERS, but I'm a sucker for sonic adventures and musical challenges. One of the most exciting records in 2010.