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After one demo and two EP's, GRIFTER finally managed to release their debut album via Ripple Music in 2011. It has taken some time but it was certainly worthwhile waiting for fans because it includes some of the best GRIFTER songs I have heard so far. The musical direction has not changed, what means that plenty of grooves and bluesy riffs form the basis for the songs. There is still a striking resemblance to Clutch and Five Horse Johnson with the difference that GRIFTER lack any emotional depth and intensity. And that is exactly what I do not like about this album, even if it contains some good songs.

Here, we have the perfect soundtrack for an excessive, brainless drinking session, and I was never a fan of party music, whether it is rock or punk or metal. Additionally, there is very little variety with the exception of 'Gone Blues' where suddenly an acoustic guitar appears as well as female background vocals. But, beyond that last track, everything else is very formulaic and predictable. Perhaps because of this GRIFTER only have released EP's in the past.

If they had reduced this CD to five or six songs, it would be a great release. 'Good Day For Bad News' is a strong start but by no later than half of the album, I begin to tire and lose focus and everything turns into a grey and groovy sonic mass, stinking of stale beer. My conclusion: GRIFTER should develop the song arrangements and adding a little variety hasn't damaged anyone.