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GREENWOOD (Horus On The Horizon) CD

I don't know, but in the mid-80's I had descripted GREENWOOD a heavy rock influenced Hardcore band or something like this.This album could have been released on Dischord. It was at that time when a lot of European and American bands integrated more heavy rock riffs into their sound. I think this band isn't very far away from bands like Dag Nasty in their later "heavyrocking" period or maybe Government Issue. But that's only one aspect of this Canadian band. And who really cares and needs all this boring categories? They are also aware of bands like Kyuss, the 70's and they have surely listen to some heavy metal records. Out of it comes a very emotional dynamic mixture with clear and expressive vocals on top of it. "Horus" contains seven songs that are all very varied with interesting breakdowns and a lot hooks and energy.

The title track is a good example for this. What I appreciate about GREENWOOD is, that it seems as if their heads and hearts aren't only filled with their favourite bands and that the final result is only another boring variation of all the well-known Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer riffs. And sometimes when I'm listening very close to this album, I must say that GREENWOOD have worked out an own remarkable sound, that's focused on more than only playing heavy riffs. Not every song is a total winner, but with tracks like "Horus on the Horizon", "Dity Bob" or "Seas of Another World" they can't go wrong. If you've got the chance to listen to this album (39:06 minutes), than do it and decide for yourself. It has been released last year 2001 on the small Canadian label 12th Planet Music. For actual infos about GREENWOOD check out the their website.