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GREENLEAF (Secret Alphabets) CD

I hadn't expected such a strong and ambitious album from Sweden's GREENLEAF. In opposite to Dozer and Demon Cleaner, where GREENLEAF members are part of, this band has not much in common with the other two bands, beside the obvious 70's influences. Instead of Kyuss-inspired heavy rock, GREENLEAF are inviting the listener to an entertaining journey through the mid-70's, with a short stop in the 60's. There are influences from the first Ted Nugent album, early Kiss and The Who, while Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin left a few traces here and there. This album sounds like a lost gem from 1974, but the production is more modern. There are a lot of heavy bluesy riffs, but psychedelic themes have found their way in here, too. This isn't the typical next Swedish heavy fuzz 'n' roll album, what simply makes it more enjoyable for me.

It's a respectful worship to the old heroes of Rock, and whenever I listen to track no. 4, entitled "Never Right", it sounds like a genius crossover between before mentioned fist Ted Nugent album, and Australian's 70's heavyweights Buffalo. With "The Combination", the band takes a long bath in smooth 60's heavy psych, while "10 000 Years Of Revolution" kicks off with Page-like riffs and "Black Black Magic" is a furious heavy smoking stomper. In opposite to some other retro-bands GREENLEAF are still sounding more authentic, inspiring and refreshing, instead of simply rehashing what has been done a million times before. Of course, "Secret Alphabets" isn't a revolution, but it's definitely better than a lot of other bands, because it kicks ass!!!! If you're a huge fan of 60's and 70's heavy hard rock, I give you the advice to check out the album where ever you can, because I think you won't be disappointed. At least, I like to say that Small Stone Records have once again proven a very good taste in releasing this album