Finally its out now, the debut of Sweden's finest GRAND MAGUS. I've been a huge fan of this powertrio since I've listen to their first demo, that was released under the old name SMACK and their debut is exactly as strong as I've expected it. Gladly, this band isn't one of this boring uninspired stoner rock bands, that are still crawling out of the holes. GRAND MAGUS have captured the Doom vibe and connected it with Blues-filled heavy rock in an authentic and original way. Mighty dark riffs and the awesome rough vocals of Janne seperates GRAND MAGUS from the boring ones. The same goes for the lyrics, that aren't about tits, asses and cars.

It doesn't make much sense to pick out single songs, because all ten songs are very impressing and well arranged. Like on the last demo, I still find a southern rock vibe in some of the songs like the moody "Generator" or "Coat of Arms". The guitarwork on "Lodbrok" reminds me to Zakk Wylde or listen to the ultraheavy "Mountain of Power" and I could go on and on. This is one of the best Rise Above releases for the last two years and I hope GRAND MAGUS get the chance to present us their material live in 2002. Get a copy of this highly recommandable disc and check out the GRAND MAGUS website or visit Rise Above Records.