GORSE (Slumber Of Artemis) MCD

GORSE's energetic mix of noise rock, 70's heavy psychedelic rock, and doom captivated me immediately. This debut, released in 2009, is a filthy beauty, a monument made of thick, fuzzed-out riffs and during the seven songs the band is firing on all cylinders. The diversity on this album is very apparent with a lot of melodies, well-wrought arrangements and an underlying sense of momentum and swelling intensity that makes 'Slumber Of Artemis' anything but boring.

'10 Years' is one of the most melodic songs here with an additional wonderful reverb effect on the vocals while 'King of Tyre' is a musical rollercoaster ride of highs and dramatic lows. In opposite to the subliminal aggressive attitude in GORSE's sound, the clean vocals of guitarist James Parker (ex-Hey Colossus) make a nice contrast here. Once more, Calculon Records proves their excellent musical taste without limiting themselves to only one genre. The main point is that it the music has to be breathtakingly heavy and of high quality. UK's GORSE fulfil the qualifications with ease. I'm absolutely convinced.