Formed in 1996, this German band started out under the name Dampfmaschine. Influenced by legends as Saint Vitus, EyeHateGod, Melvins and Posion Idea they released two EP's and in 1999 the band changed their name into GWotS. They played gigs together with Karma To Burn, Atomic Bitchwax or Sixty Watt Shaman where they've got a good reputation for their rough noisy psych-rocking , sludge-fueled Punk'n'Doom Rock. Ok, that sounds all very nice and impressive but "Turn" isn't that powerful CD for me. I've listen very close and often to it, but nothing keeps in my head for long. These five guys got talent, the sound is fat and they got a couple of forceful riffs, but the result is simply to average for my taste. If you're just looking for a solid album that rocks, than the GOOD WITCH will be with you on your yellow road, but I miss things as atmosphere and orginality. "Turn" has been released on Exile On Mainstream Records.