GOATSNAKE (Flower Of Disease) CD/LP

The long anticipated second full-length album from GOATSNAKE! And everybody, who loves the other releases won't be disappointed about "Flower Of Disease". The band has refined the songwriting a lot and the result are some of the best tracks in the short history of this band. Like Greg said in the Cosmic Lava-interview, the album reflects more time playing together and a overall matured band. Instead of former bass-player Guy Pinhas, Stuart Dahlquist is now part of GOATSNAKE.

This album contains slow-rolling tracks like "The Dealer" or faster ones like the fantastic "El Coyote". Together with some guest-musicians like Petra Haden, who's playing violin or Chad Essig's mouth harp in "Easy Greasy", "Flower Of Disease" is an album, which isn't boring for a minute. It has his majestic and melancholic moments and after the last track "The River" you wonder that the album is over. Get a hold of this great piece of work and visit the GOATSNAKE website. "Flower Of Disease" is released through RISE ABOVE and SOUTHERN LORD as a limited vinyl edition (1000 copies).