GLOWING ORANGE (Transcendental Mental Groove) CD-R

Never heard anything before of this American band, so this is the self-released full-length debut release. It's not easy to pigeonhole GLOWING ORANGE. All of the ten included tracks are full of varied ideas and nice heavy riffs. I would describe their sound as a mixture between Trouble/Las Cruces inspired riffing and a small Hardcore influence, vocalswise. The song-structures are somewhere between Tool /Alice In Chains. To make it short, GLOWING ORANGE are playing a modern form of Hardrock, that's still aware of it's roots in the 70's but these guys have grown up with the last twenty years of (so-called) Alternative Rock and American Hardcore history. For my taste not every song is a total winner , but this album is quite a good start for the band. They've got the skills and talent and they are trying to create an own musical profile. If you dig about the above mentioned bands, then I'll give you the advice to check out the transcendental mental groove of GLOWING ORANGE. For further details visit the homepage.