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GLOW (Gone, But Not Forgotten) CD

GLOW play an ambitious blend, consisting of heavy 70's Rock, early-Sabbath as well as a good dose of Trouble and Saint Vitus. The Spanish band is not only playing snail-paced doom, but also a lot of heavy groovin' parts, what makes them not only interesting for fans of the aforementioned original doom bands, but also for the ones who like to listen to early Orange Goblin and/or Acrimony. What makes this album also very enjoyable is the fact, that the group is able to write interesting and varied songs, without losing their striking heaviness. Both guitarplayer are doing a good job here, and do remind me more than only one time to Trouble's riffmasters Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin, without copying their majestic twin-guitarwork.

The clear and emotional vocals of Ralph adds a slight metal-edge here, what gives an epic touch to some of the songs, although he sounds at time a bit like Chris Cornell, what's not that bad at all.  So far, so good, but why have GLOW put this boring cover-version of 'Living Backwards' on the album? Especially the vocals of bassist Miguel are sounding lame and uninspired here, but this is the only low point of a real good album, which contains also a videoclip for the song 'Godfish'. 'Gone, But Not Forgotten' is a strong and convincing debut, and I will definitely watch out for GLOW in the future. Thumbs up!