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GLOBOSCURO (Hated By Butterflies) CD-R

GLOBOSCURO hail from Livorno, Italy, who have have already released a couple of albums in the past on different labels. This time they worked together with the Australian DIY CD-R & tape label Smell The Stench and the fruit of this co-operation is named 'Hated By Butterflies', that consist of five long cuts, which belong to the best dark ambient and Industrial stuff I've heard in a while. 'IG Farben' assured with two-dimensional sounds, and is reminiscent of Cluster and early Tangerine Dream, but due to a few inserted bizarre waves of sound it still sounds restless and unpredictable. 'Figure standing at a washbasin' amazed with sporadical guitar tones, which make sure that a little light is breaking for a short spell through the darkness, before the sky turns black again and a dismal mysterious mood is spreading its wings. Sometimes an undefinable rhythm appears in a few tracks, that disappears very soon. Snatches of voices and bloodcurdling screams in the background as in 'L'au-delà' add something surrealistic to the music, and it's like an awakening in a dream or maybe a nightmare, whatever you want. 'Into the great global cluster' is a mightful sonic sculpture, that slides with recurring loops over the listener and it's a dignified closure for an awesome album. Effortlessly GLOBOSCURO manage it to link different tones together and to induce an impenetrable layer of sound, which is fascinating and unsettling at the same time. Actually, this is the perfect soundtrack fo mankind's dementia and you can't really do it better like this.